Cyclic diglycerides and 3-MPD (technic glycerine)

During the chemical technical production of glycerine, some by-products result, such as cyclic diglycerides and 3-Methoxy-1,2-propandiol (3-MPD), whereby the detection of these compounds into wine is an indication of illegal glycerine addition. If these compounds are detected into wine, then this wine is assessed as not marketable. 3-MPD can occur into wine in lower levels through allowed enzyme treatment, therefor there exist an intervention level for 3-MPD of 0,1 mg/l. The intervention level is only used, when the addition of glycerine containing enzyme preparation was done.

  • Method
  • Limit of detection cyclic diglycerides
  • Limit of detection 3-MPD
  • Natural occurrence (wine)
  • Reason for analysis
  • GC-MS
  • 0,12 mg/l
  • 0,01 mg/l
  • Detection of illegal addition from glycerine