Extract (total extract and sugar free extract)

Total extract

Total extract is the totality of all ingredients, which stay into distillation residue after distillation. These ingredients are especially carbs, glycerine, non-volatile acids, nitrogen compounds, tannins and colourings as well as minerals.

Value of extract can be calculated through density and alcohol content.

Extract is also called body of wine. It can also be used for verifying of wine quality, whereby red wine is in general richer in extract than white wine.

Sugar free extract

Sugar free extract is calculated from total extract reduced by content of fermentable sugars.

Sugar free extract is also used for assessment of wine quality.

  • Method
  • Limit of detection
  • Naturally content
  • Reason of Analysis
  • Calculated from density and alcohol content (as well as the sugar content)
  • 20 g/l to100 g/l, depends on the sugar content
  • Control of the body of the wine