Hydrocyanic acid

In wine and sparkling wine

Hydrocyanic acid is able to be formed as a result of treatment error of blue fining into wine, whereby hydrocyanic acid is formed out of potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) through spin-off into acidic environment. Hydrocyanic acid is perceived sensorial as bitter almond tone. However, the threshold of perception is subjective (around 50 to 100 µg/l). Wine with increased concentrations of hydrocyanic acid is not marketable, so that it is advisable to control the level after blue fining.

In spirits

During making of stone fruit spirits cyanide can be formed in end product, so that it exists a legal limit value for spirits from stone fruits, with this analysis meeting the limit value is checked. Legal limit of cyanide exists for other alcoholic drinks, so that it is also important to controlled the content of cyanide in such products.

  • Method
  • Limit of detection
  • Naturally content (wine)
  • Reason of analysis
  • Destillation an photometric
  • 0,05 mg/l
  • Determination of cyanide