intensity of colour

For the analysis of the intensity of colour the photometric absorption is measured at 420, 520 and 620 nm and then the values are summed up. The sum of coloured dot can be used as evaluation criteria of colour intensity of Products. The extractions relation of the different wavelengths allows statements about type of colour (share blue, red or brown).

In wine and sparkling wine

Colour intensity is an important characteristic to assess the quality of wine. Colour intensity of red wine gives indications for body und fullness of products.

In beer

Similar analysis of colour intensity can also be done for beer, for making possible an assessment about beer colour, whereby description of this parameter it is to be find at parameter “beer colour”.

In other products

In other coloured products this analysis can also be used to evaluate the colour intensity, for example for controlling the product characteristics.

  • Method
  • Limit of detection
  • Naturally contents (wine)
  • Reason for the analysis (wine)
  • Photometric
  • Intensity of colour depends of the product
  • Control of the product specification