Isotope analysis (analsis of orign, analysis of authenticity, analysis of sugar and water addition)

In the isotope analysis different stable isotopes, which do not change during the product processing, are analysed in the product, so that an individual fingerprint of the product accures. Therefore, a statement of the authenticity of the product or the raw material can be made. Furthermore, the origin of the product can be evaluated and an addition of water and sugar (C3 or C4) can be determined.
According to the central issue the following isotop ratios can be analysed:

  • D/H (I) in ethanol
  • 13C/12C in ethanol
  • 13C/12C in sugar
  • 18O/16O in winewater
  • 18O/16O in ethanol
  • 14C Kohlendioxid
  • 13C/12C in Carbon dioxide